Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Blog? Why???

This has to be at least the 4th blog that I've started.  We'll see if it sticks.  The reality is that it's hard to keep up with a blog whose topic isn't staring you in the face every day.  When I was training for a marathon, a running blog made sense.  Then the marathon was over, and I had a stress fracture (self-diagnosed, of course) in my foot, and I had to take a break.  So then work took over and my work blog became the blog of the hour.  And then little Asher came along and for a few short weeks (7 weeks and 6 days, to be exact), he was the only thing on my mind.  Then I went back to work....

Now we're coming up on Asher's second birthday.  He has learned a lot, and so have I.  And an unintended consequence of his existence is that his mother is a MUCH better OB/GYN than she was before he was born.  I've realized that I have a lot of "wisdom" to pass on, not just as a doctor and not just as a working mom but also as a mother and a woman in general.  

My job gives me unique insights because I'm talking to women of all backgrounds who have children of all ages all the time. 30 women a day times 4 days a's a pretty easy word problem.  It's an amazing opportunity for me to learn, and I realize more and more that I apply that new knowledge to my own life and pass it on to my patients during everyday office visits.  I'm definitely not a expert in parenting or pediatrics or life in general, but since I spend a lot of time every day sharing thoughts with other women, it seems fitting that I pass on those thoughts to others as well.

The first few posts of this blog will be getting us caught up with topics pertinent current life and the pregnancy and babyhood that preceded it.   From there, who knows?  Buckle up--it's going to be a bumpy ride...'cuz that's how parenthood is!


  1. Dr. Marki-Dunn you are an amazing woman, doctor and mother. I was blessed to work with you for a couple of years. As a mother of 4 and grandmother of 7 it is always a bumpy ride, but worth every moment. I personally am learning still on how to become a better person and mother. I'm so excited to read your blog. You help so many. Thank you

  2. Thanks, Libby! I just hope I can get around to posting more than once a year!

  3. Can't wait to read more! :) ~ April S.